Tech & Research Talks

Selected invited keynotes, plenary talks and research presentations:

  1. Nov 2019: Invited Keynote ‘Reimagining stem education in the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI)‘ at University of Hertzen, St.Petersburg, Russia, Nov 19-20, Conference on Management of 21stcentury : Education in the Digital Economy era
  2. June 2019: Invited Keynote and panelist at Oxford University Women in Tech Leadership series- ‘Breaking into Leadership’ alongside the University Registrar and ‘Girls Who Code’ Post-doctoral fellow Dr.Tracey. 
  3. April 2019: Invited Keynote Speaker at Google Women Tech-Maker International Women’s Day Celebration,Kozhikode, India ‘My journey into research, entrepreneurship and science communication’
  4. Feb 2019: Invited Tech Keynote at Cochin University Technical Fest, ‘Perspectives on AI for Power Electronics’: Invited to deliver the inaugural keynote address at the prestigious Cochin University of Science & Technology Tech Fest flagged off by the Vice-Chancellor and Head of the Department. 
  5. May 2018: Finalist at the Future Power Challenge conducted by EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics UK ’GaN Power Electronics using Machine Learning’ : Won special commendation for the research work presented.
  6. March 2018: Invited TEDx talk at Cambridge University TEDx series, ‘AI – Making or Breaking Education’ : Amongst the ten people invited to deliver the 2018 TEDx talk at University of Cambridge. 
  7. March 2018:  Invited Keynote for DST (Dept of Science & Technology) Govt Sponsored Vigyan Jyoti Program at IIT Palakkad, India ‘Life at Cambridge University- GaN Research, Social Enterprise & More’: Invited to address a select group of girls selected as part of IIT women empowerment initiative. 
  8. March 2017: Invited Keynote talk at the International Conference on Power Engineering and Control, PECCON, VIT University, India ’GaN Power Electronic Solutions for a Greener and Smarter World’ : The only student invited to give a keynote in the company of professors from National University of Singapore, KTH, Sweden & University of Aberdeen.
  9. Aug 2017: Invited speaker at Concord College, Shrewsbury, UK ’GaN Power Electronics and Applications’: Only student invited to give a lecture for 20 Engineering aspirants from across the globe. 
  10. Sep 2016: Keynote talk at Next Tech Lab, SRM University, India on ’GaN -a Wonder Device’ : Invited to be on the advisory board of NEXT TECH lab which is the first student run technical lab set up in India. 
  11. Aug 2016: Invited Lecture for visiting Electrical Engineering undergraduates at Cambridge ’Can Gallium Nitride (GaN) usher in a second electronics revolution ?!’ 
  12. July 2016: Soapbox Science Cambridge Talks by Selected Women Scientists ‘Electric Power Knows No Gender, Science No Gender’- only PhD student from Engineering Dept to be selected for Soapbox Science Cambridge. 
  13. June 2016: Selected Oral Presentation at EPSRC Power Conference, Nottingham, UK ’Gallium Nitride Technology, Design and Drive Considerations and Smart Power Module for Potential Applications’ –Won the first prize
  14. April 2016: Selected Oral Presentation at IET-PEMD Conference, Glasgow, UK ’Design Considerations for 600 V GaN HEMT based Half Bridge Converter Systems for Utility Based Applications’ – Was among the 10 presentations selected out of 100+ submissions for oral presentation
  15. April 2016: Selected Oral Presentation at Churchill College, Conference on Everything, ’Meeting Today’s Energy Demands: How Gallium Nitride Could Help Power the World’– Selected among the top 5 oral presentations. 
  16. Jan 2016: Invited talk at GaN Power Workshop, Engineering dept, University of Cambridge- ’Perspective on GaN Power Electronics’
  17. Sept 2015: Centre for Power Electronics Post Graduate Summer School, Newcastle ‘Engage, Educate and Innovate – Powering Your Future, Powering the World!’ – Addressing the EPSRC UK power electronics summer forum as its founding Chairperson and convener of its first summer school. 
  18. Oct 2015: Invited Speaker at GSA Girl Power Summit: Women in Engineering Conference, St. Mary’s School, UK ’GaN Power – Research, Engineering and Innovation.’ Only PhD student invited to speak at the Summit amongst five other women academics, post-doctoral fellows and scientists. Nominated by CamAwise (Cambridge Association of Women in Science and Engineering) 
  19. May 2015: PhD research talk at Churchill College, MCR seminar series: ’Revolutionizing Electricity: How Gallium Nitride could help power the world!’ Invited to present at the Churchill College Monthly seminar for postgrads.