Oct 2013 – Jan 2019: University of Cambridge (UK), Department of Engineering , Churchill College

Doctoral Researcher in Electrical Engineering; Specialization: Power Electronics

PhD Thesis: ‘Gallium Nitride (GaN) Power Electronics using Machine Learning (ML)’

The aim of this research work is to bridge the gap between laboratory research and real-world applications/commercialization of GaN. I successfully developed a ML based universal GaN power device and circuit model. Through this contribution, designers will be able to better understand and work with these novel devices with relative ease. This will aid the need for faster adoption of GaN devices by the industry removing some the barriers to commercialization. Finally, the findings of this work have been generalized to frame machine learning based techniques to address the need for generic modelling of power electronic devices. These solutions are presented as an information manual to researchers, engineers and students interested in benefiting from adopting machine learning for power electronics applications. To read more, visit:

  • Self-designed and directed PhD, established collaborations with ML experts from MIT, UCSD & Oxford University; supervised 3 electrical engineering undergrad students from SRM University, India.
  • Independently established collaboration with GaN companies: GaN Systems, Panasonic, Sanken & EPC 
  • 15 first author, 3 second author and 2 third author peer reviewed publications; 3 under review
  • 14 invited talks: 4 invited keynotes and 10 technical talks in international conferences and workshops
  • Technical skills developed: ML, LT-Spice, PSpice, Altium, Power electronic circuit design and PCB design

Scholarships & Prizes for research

2018:  Third Prize for Best Research at the EPSRC Future Power Challenge

2017-18: Google Europe Scholarship

2017-18: Department of Engineering Research Grant, IET Travel Award

2016-17:  FfWG Foundation Main Research Grant

2016-17:  Churchill College Copisarow Grant Fund

2015-16:  Department of Engineering W G Collins Endowment Conference Fund

2015-16:  IET Connect Lord Hirst Fund

2013-17:  Cambridge University Nehru Trust Scholarship

2016-17:  Best Research Talk Award at the EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics Summer School’16, UK

2015-16:  Best Poster Presentation Award at the Annual Power Electronics Conference’15, UK